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About Organic Spa Essentials

The owners and founders of Organic Spa Essentials are two ladies that are certified tanning instructors.  Both have been trained to customize the perfect solution for your skin type.  They both worshipped the sun as young adults and now realize that sun damage is permanent.  For the past 20 years they have searched for the perfect sunless product that would leave them with a healthy glow.  After years, of disappointment and leaving a sunless booth looking orange, they are ecstatic to introduce a full organic spa line that is age defying, vitamin infused and all natural.


These products work best when used together.  You should always EXFOLIATE your skin, to remove to dead skin cells and rejuvenate new cell growth.  Our scrubs have been known to help relieve execema along with other skin conditions.  It is always best to exfoliate prior to receiving your healthy glow.  QUENCH your skin with our moisturizing lotion, this locks in the moisture that your skin requires on a daily basis.  This product is excellent for dry cracked skin.  Give yourself a healthy GLOW with our bronzing mist, this allows you to maintain your healthy glow with touchups in-between your airbrush tans.  BOOST your tan with our tan extender,  this product offers xtra moisture with DHA to extend the life of your airbrush tan.  




Organic Spa Essentials is proven to offer a healthy natural long lasting sunless glow.  

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We only use the highest quality fresh ingredients in our manufacturing process; those of which are both gentle to the skin yet potent enough to fight the negative effects the skin encounters everyday.


The ingredients used in Organic Spa Essentials product line come from the finest sources from all over the world and always arrive fresh.